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Dear Lawrence & Sok Hoon or Mr & Mrs Awesome,


It took me a while to write this letter of appreciation to both of you as I didn’t want to trivialise the many hard works that both of you had put into the selling my Condo at Azalea Park and also the buying of our new house at Tanah Merah.


About selling our Condo, we might have renovated our condo not too long ago but because we are some sort of a ‘hoarder’, our renovations simply could not bring out the cosiness and design consideration of it. Thanks to your constant and repeated reminders for us to ‘declutter’ our houses  and we are so glad that we did according to your advice. The decluttering process took a while as we simply have too many things in our house, we have accumulated many many years of ‘junks’…..more than 20 years of it. After we have done the declutter, both of you came to do the home staging process and to be honest, we actually fell in love we our house as it looks so modern, spacious and cosy, just like what the interior designer had planned it to be. The photos you took, the angles of the shots were excellent and we were really proud of our house just simply by looking at those photos and videos taken by you.


In addition, my wife and I really are appreciate of your efforts in ‘screening’ all the so called prospective buyers that called you, you weeded out those non-genuine buyers and saved us precious time in having to open up our house for viewing. You have also made the entire house viewing process a breeze, we just have to bring our dog to the pool area and relax, you did all the arrangement and all the talking and all the follow-ups. You have truly brought the whole selling experience to an entire new level for the both of us.


Next, I would want to touch on our house hunting journey, we started off looking for a rental place as I thought that plan was ideal, you shortlisted a few based on our requirements, conducted some visits but along the way, my wife and I changed our plan and we wanted to buy a property instead. As usual, you did not grumble about the change of plan and all the effort you have put in but you were very encouraging and supportive of our decisions and started to hear us out again on our new requirement. Kudos to your Awesome attitude and outlook on all issues, your trust in our God is inspiring.


Not sure if you could remember but we are really appreciative of your effort in facilitating and negotiating the conditions in the buying of our current house, the conditions that we wanted were not exactly easy (very pro-buyer) but you have made them come through for us. We were able to start our renovation process early and smoothly all thanks to you. Without your assistance in this area, we probably would not have been able to execute them so smoothly in the buying and occupation process.


All in all, our experience with both of you in selling and purchasing our house would not have been so smooth and pleasant had it not been for us entrusting you to be our agent. Personally, I think this is a very important factor (having a good agent to represent you) when one is buying or selling their house, it’s like half the battle already won if you have a good agent. Thus, I would say that having you to represent me was one of the best decision I have made! You have been very helpful and responsive to any queries that we had while looking for a house. You made an effort to know our requirements for a new place and had helped us in settling into a place we can proudly call home.  You provided us with valuable financial and market advices for our purchase of the current place, as well as the sale of our previous house.  Your experience in home-staging brought our expectation of the sale of our house to a new level and your ‘screening process had indeed eased the pain of having to entertain insincere home viewers. For all these and many more that I did not pen down in this email, I thank you for being my friend…… my agent. My wife and I will not hesitate to recommend the both of you to any of our friends or relatives should they have any needs is this area.  Good service, Lawrence! An awesome experience!


Most importantly, we thank God for sending both of you into our lives to make a difference in this journey. Praise God!


Simon & Janet


Good day Lawrence Poh,

I like to express my gratitude in your help in accompanying me in my home search for me and my family. One KEY differentiation that I see between you and other property agents in your true motivation in securing an ideal home for me and my family. Many times, I encounter agents who just want to close sale and do not take into consideration our needs and the long term value preservation of our future property.

Throughout our journey with you, I can feel you put in your true thoughts for us and always put our interest at the front. Example include: despite introduction of property on your end, upon actual viewing and property does not suite our needs and there is no long term value in the value, you would advise no go for the property despite knowing it is a waste of time and effort on your end in conducting the viewing, always putting our best interest on your topmost priority.

You also share your experience openly with us, highlighting pitfalls of certain properties which is not obvious to untrained eyes. I really want to highlight the value of the services you had provided outweighs the fees paid by us as property being a big ticket item can be a costly mistake to make if the wrong decision is made. Not to mention the long term impact in our retirement plan as most of the time property is part of our retirement portfolio.

One last word, your services and advices are invaluable to us and I look forward to engaging you in our future property journey.
I would highly recommend you to any of my family and friends should they require assistance from a seasoned honest agent. Thank you for your help and have a great day ahead.

 Wei Cheong

We would like to send a note of appreciation to Mr Lawrence Poh and Ms Sok Hoon for their dedication and professionalism in their handling of our recent property transaction. Lawrence and Sok Hoon are sincere property consultants that we have had the pleasure of working with when we decided to engage their help with the sale of our HDB flat and the planning of our next property purchase.

Right from the first time we met Lawrence and Sok Hoon, they have been very forthcoming and honest with us on their objective of helping us make the right decision on our property purchase plan. Their emphasis on getting an accurate financial figures from us in order to setup a clear and realistic affordability plan really helps us on making the right and informed decision for our next steps. There were never an instance of hard-selling or exceeding optimistic projections during the planning process, and they respectfully advise us to take time to discuss and think through the proposal instead of making a rushed decision helps us have clarity to eventually proceed with the plan for next home purchase.

With their combined experience and team resources, Lawrence and Sok Hoon joint efforts with effectively home staging has helped us secured an above-target valuation offer for our flat within less than a month, and patiently facilitated our shortlisting of our potential new home to viewings until we made a choice, and they expertly negotiated a fair deal to help us secure our choice unit at a valuation price.

The entire house selling to house hunting process was managed smoothly by them that we did not feel any stress with the process. We were always given very prompt advise on what to expect and prepare for each step, and now we are already happily in the midst of settling at our new home with our children in a bigger space.

This entire journey over the past 5 months has been such a pleasant experience made possible with Lawrence and Sok Hoon's help and we truly appreciate their hard work and friendship in taking care of our family's next home. Thank you! 

Daniel and Esther

Without strong expectation and confidence that our residential property can be sold quickly, we gave ourselves the timeline of one year to be sold. We gave Lawrence the same timeline. We were surprised that Lawrence swung into action very quickly, getting the right person to touch up our place with minor repairs and, following that, adeptly home-staged our place very charmingly that family and friends were impressed with the outcome (via photos).

There were many viewings and we sold our place three months later. Following that, we bought our next property within two months. Lawrence was patient in arranging viewings for us, respecting our choice to view certain places/ condos that he wouldn't really recommend. However, he would discreetly explain why those places/condos are not feasible options for exit strategy. He is very hands on and action-oriented. We want to thank Lawrence for making our move a dream come true for us!

Mr and Mrs S. Chua

In the sea of Real Estate agents out there, how do you know if an agent is truly committed to telling you the Truth and Genuinely explaining the restructuring of your property portfolio, buying a new home and selling your existing home?


That's what we found in not one person But TWO people who took Time and Sincerity to beyond our expectations.

Our journey of restructuring our property portfolio took years. And time and again, Lawrence and Sok Hoon were the patient couple who saw through our needs without pressuring us. They tell the Truth and when time is not right or the property location is not ideal for our family circumstances, they would tell us not to commit.
And when the time was right, both of them engaged us again and finally we took our restructuring seriously.

Can you imagine someone taking TIME to explain how to restructure your property by first finding what your needs are instead of telling you what is on the market now to buy? That's what Lawrence did! He patiently took time to find out SINCERELY our needs, our finance situation and what our aspirations were. And then, he took time to scan the market telling us the pros and cons and suggesting what is best for us!
That is Truly a Professional agent who takes TIME to walk the journey and being SINCERE with us.
And we bought our next home on his timely and professional advice!
Restructuring Settled.

Our next journey was selling our existing home.
We heard of home staging before but Lawrence and Sok Hoon brought home staging to a new level!
So much time was spent in planning for the sale of our home, and the details that went into preparing the sale, advising us on what to do, charting out a timeline for us to follow, and making a video of our home was indeed impressive!
There was so much time put in to make sure that our home was ready for buyers to view that sometimes we felt embarrassed that they were spending so much time in the preparation stage.
And then we felt more embarrassed because every potential buyer viewing day, Lawrence and Sok Hoon would come 1 hour before to do home staging and make sure that our house was in showroom condition for viewing.
We were convinced that both Lawrence and Sok Hoon were truly Professionals with Passion and Love in what they do.
Through their wonderful effort we sold our home!
When the valuer had to come to our house to do a valuation, they even continued to do home staging for the valuer!
That again to us, are Two very Professional agents who take precious TIME and has the SINCERITY of Heart to help their clients get the best deal!

Lawrence and Sok Hoon, Thank you for your Professionalism in Real Estate. We are indeed grateful for spending so much Time on us and for being so Sincere in wanting the Best for us!
May the both of you continue to impact the people that you come across in your work!


Wee Jin and Zelda

It is with great pleasure when we share the good comments about our experiences with Lawrence for his tremendous help during our journey of house purchasing.

Everything started in June 2020, when we tried to look for room to rent online, and saw the video uploaded by “Mr. Awesome Lawrence”, who immediately attracted us with his professions in property market. Out of curiosity, we met with Lawrence to view a studio for sell. We are so blessed to meet with Lawrence, as he is genuine, patient and glad to share his opinions and knowledges about properties. He specifically mentioned about the impact of COVID-19 to the property market, and some of his predictions to the near future. It was also at that time did we realize that purchasing our own property is something we dream of. We were not very clear about what we exactly want when we first made the decision to purchase a condominium.

Lawrence has been very patient and professional throughout, always ready to provide genuine and sound advice when we need to make decisions. He listens to our needs, doubts, and concerns before sharing his opinions. Few weeks after we shared our needs and requirements to Lawrence, he arranged house viewing for several condos that fulfills our requirements and needs. While the first few did not really meet our expectations, Lawrence suggested us to view a new condo. It turned out to be a surprise that we all love it and made the decisions immediately. He also helped to create a clear roadmap for us to follow and suggested several options in which we finally found our dream home. Though the price of this new condo is a bit higher than our expectation, Lawrence patiently walked through the all the detailed calculation, including down payment, monthly repayment, etc. so we had a clearer idea of what we should do in the next step. After some more calculations, we got funding ready, and made the final call. It was amazing that Lawrence helped us to settle everything within less than two months, and we gain so much in this journey. Purchasing the right property means so much to us who just started our career.

It is wonderful that we are still having regular coffee chat after the deal is done, and we keep discovering new things, learning new knowledge that are much more than properties. In this uncommon 2020, we are most glad to have met with Lawrence, not only as our agent, but a close friend who offers genuine help to us. We are looking forward to moving into our new home, and we would definitely recommend Lawrence to our relatives and friends.


Testimonial for Mr and Mrs Awesome

Almost a year ago, we came across a listing on PropertyGuru with beautifully taken photos of a home with natural skylight. We knew we have to see the house and that’s how we met Lawrence. Even though we were not able to sell our place (as we had not reach MOP) at that point in time, Lawrence was willing to spend hours to talk to us and find out more about our needs and plans. He also took the time to share with us his experiences and how he had helped many restructure their portfolios over the years. After that first coffee session, we knew Lawrence would be the best person to engage to sell our place.

Once we were ready to list our home, Lawrence and Sok Hoon came with luggages of equipment for home staging and they transformed our home. They listed our home with very professional photos that looks as good as a brand new show flat! We waited for the right buyer to come along and finally, Lawrence and Sok Hoon managed to close the deal at a price much higher than what we expected.

After selling our house, Lawrence and Sok Hoon wasted no time in helping us search for our dream home. They patiently accompanied us for all our viewings and spent hours sharing their insights with us. We finally found our dream home last weekend and they managed to close the deal for us within a day!

Throughout the entire sell-and-buy journey, Lawrence and Sok Hoon supported us seamlessly, tirelessly and professionally. We will highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Mr and Mrs Awesome - Awesome indeed!

Zhi Wei and Xue Ying

Hi Lawrence and Sok hoon,

Thank you so much for helping us with both the selling and purchasing of our dream home since September!

We are glad we have both of you to help with the planning and restructuring of our portfolio. All the advice you two have shared has been very valuable to us.

Very grateful for the home staging offered which helped us to move forward so quickly with the sales of our home which we realize the importance of later during the multiple viewing for the new place.

Not only did the two of you assisted with the sourcing of units based on our needs, but you have also helped with the viewing schedule and provided impactful pointers and feedbacks which makes choosing our new dream home much easier. Both of you even went out of the way to also helped us source for the best available law firm and even to the extent to help us with the renovation and many miscellaneous things (e.g. swapping of utilities, early completion, planning on the shifting process from the current to the new place, etc.).

All the services provided have helped our family sell and buy the house with ease despite us not having any experience in such matters and we could never have imagined going through this with any other agents. Truly grateful to not only meeting you two as our agents but also as friends who is always passionately providing only the best for us. We will always remember the only agent we will ever share with our family and friends should there be any looking for one will definitely the Awesome Lawrence and Sok Hoon :)

Steven Sunaryo

I am so thankful to have Lawrence as my agent, and of coz not forgetting his tag team partner Sok Hoon too. I am happy to finally have my flat sold and looking forward to moving into my resale flat.

Lawrence is meticulous in searching for potential buyers and always makes the effort to come down earlier before viewings to ensure my flat is nicely arranged (Unlike my previous agent, who never is around when needed). Finally after numerous viewings, we finally sold the flat off at a price well above what we expected! Next was the rush to look for a resale flat for my new family. Lawrence and Sok Hoon really took the time and effort to look for suitable units according to my preference and arrange for viewings. As my case is a little special, we needed to look for a flat with move in condition and no extensions needed. After countless viewings, they finally found a unit that i was looking for! Both Lawrence and Sok Hoon are so patient and knowlegeble, giving me the advice and information i needed before i made an offer for the unit. I deeply appreciate the time and effort spent on making my selling and buying journey a stress free and enjoyable one. Well done Team Awesome!

Jeremy Lee

I would like take this opportunity to thank Mr Lawrence Poh for his hard work since Aug 2020.

I get to know him via Facebook Ads where l saw his video presentations. At first thought that it was just a gimmick where most agents would do, but l go ahead to give it a try as l am quite impressed on his home staging videos.

At the first impression, Mr Poh introduced himself and throughout the conversation he presented himself as a friend to share his experiences and knowledge on buying/selling property. We spoke for more than 3 hour, he even wanted to share more but it was getting late.
On the first day of viewing, he and his wife, Sok Hoon came early to prepare the home staging. He had arranged 5 buyers and out of the 5 buyers, 2 have made an offer. I would say the home staging and presentation that Lawrence had done, had impressed the buyers to made an offer on the day itself. And finally we accepted the offer from the 2nd buyer.
During the selling process, we did quite a number of viewings for resale property. I sent a laundry list of properties to him, he will scan through them and also test the seller agents' ethic profile. No doubt it is true that some agents were playing tricks on buyers. Without hesitation, Lawrence would sent messages to the agents that had presented unethical, he even ask the agent to take down the post immediately. I am impressed on his professionalism and work ethics to safeguard the property markets against those unethical agents. After a few months of viewings, we saw this property at Heron Bay. Lawrence negotiated with seller's agent and the price came back was within my expectation, we made an offer.
Although there were some hiccups on my HDB selling process due to some misunderstandings or procedures were not taken place on time by the buyer and HDB officer, Lawrence did not shed away even though he knew that this was not his responsibilities. Later that we know that the buyer does not have any agent, Lawrence took his initiative to speak to buyer direct and guide him through the process. With his persistent efforts, we were able to tide through this process successfully and timely for our new purchase.
Lastly, it is my honour to have Lawrence represented me as an agent and l would say we becoming good friends eventually. He is still on the job although it is out from his job scope, helping me to arrange contractor for the renovation. Thanks for your 101% effort, l appreciated for what you have did for me and my family. Hope to engage you again for my next property.

Alvin Ong

Coming across Lawrence Poh (Mr Awesome) home staging video is the best thing I have done!
We meet up and spent hours discussing on selling of my property and plans for my next one. He never reschedule nor was he ever late to our appointments. It is very hard to find such consultant these days, I really appreciate it.
He is genuine, patient and resourceful. When circuit breaker was imposed , I was frustrated thinking that we have to delay in selling my property. To my surprise, Lawrence was still marketing my property through videos and arranging potential buyers after the lock down.
In the end, he managed to sell off my property with a higher selling price then we discussed. He is truly a Godsend for me!
Thank you Mr Awesome for all the advise and tips!

Mabel Li

Lawrence had help my family found a new awesome house. He is a prompt on point agent with virtues, not like others who just want to sell and take commission. He actually sit with us and asked us about our needs and wants in selling and buying house. He even brought his own props to decorate our old house looks nice on photo for open house, Awesome.  He even often talk to my mom who is so anxious about selling the house due to anxieties and he ensure and reassure her all is well. He even help us and make sure he had our new place back to back so we don't have to move around before setting in. In short he is simply Mr awesome. Thank you so much for all your help. appreciate



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