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It is with great pleasure when we share the good comments about our experiences with Lawrence for his tremendous help during our journey of house purchasing.

Everything started in June 2020, when we tried to look for room to rent online, and saw the video uploaded by “Mr. Awesome Lawrence”, who immediately attracted us with his professions in property market. Out of curiosity, we met with Lawrence to view a studio for sell. We are so blessed to meet with Lawrence, as he is genuine, patient and glad to share his opinions and knowledges about properties. He specifically mentioned about the impact of COVID-19 to the property market, and some of his predictions to the near future. It was also at that time did we realize that purchasing our own property is something we dream of. We were not very clear about what we exactly want when we first made the decision to purchase a condominium.

Lawrence has been very patient and professional throughout, always ready to provide genuine and sound advice when we need to make decisions. He listens to our needs, doubts, and concerns before sharing his opinions. Few weeks after we shared our needs and requirements to Lawrence, he arranged house viewing for several condos that fulfills our requirements and needs. While the first few did not really meet our expectations, Lawrence suggested us to view a new condo. It turned out to be a surprise that we all love it and made the decisions immediately. He also helped to create a clear roadmap for us to follow and suggested several options in which we finally found our dream home. Though the price of this new condo is a bit higher than our expectation, Lawrence patiently walked through the all the detailed calculation, including down payment, monthly repayment, etc. so we had a clearer idea of what we should do in the next step. After some more calculations, we got funding ready, and made the final call. It was amazing that Lawrence helped us to settle everything within less than two months, and we gain so much in this journey. Purchasing the right property means so much to us who just started our career.

It is wonderful that we are still having regular coffee chat after the deal is done, and we keep discovering new things, learning new knowledge that are much more than properties. In this uncommon 2020, we are most glad to have met with Lawrence, not only as our agent, but a close friend who offers genuine help to us. We are looking forward to moving into our new home, and we would definitely recommend Lawrence to our relatives and friends.


Testimonial for Mr and Mrs Awesome

Almost a year ago, we came across a listing on PropertyGuru with beautifully taken photos of a home with natural skylight. We knew we have to see the house and that’s how we met Lawrence. Even though we were not able to sell our place (as we had not reach MOP) at that point in time, Lawrence was willing to spend hours to talk to us and find out more about our needs and plans. He also took the time to share with us his experiences and how he had helped many restructure their portfolios over the years. After that first coffee session, we knew Lawrence would be the best person to engage to sell our place.

Once we were ready to list our home, Lawrence and Sok Hoon came with luggages of equipment for home staging and they transformed our home. They listed our home with very professional photos that looks as good as a brand new show flat! We waited for the right buyer to come along and finally, Lawrence and Sok Hoon managed to close the deal at a price much higher than what we expected.

After selling our house, Lawrence and Sok Hoon wasted no time in helping us search for our dream home. They patiently accompanied us for all our viewings and spent hours sharing their insights with us. We finally found our dream home last weekend and they managed to close the deal for us within a day!

Throughout the entire sell-and-buy journey, Lawrence and Sok Hoon supported us seamlessly, tirelessly and professionally. We will highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Mr and Mrs Awesome - Awesome indeed!

Zhi Wei and Xue Ying

Hi Lawrence and Sok Hoon,

Thank you so much for helping us with both the selling and purchasing of our dream home since September!

We are glad we have both of you to help with the planning and restructuring of our portfolio. All the advice you two have shared has been very valuable to us.

Very grateful for the home staging offered which helped us to move forward so quickly with the sales of our home which we realize the importance of later during the multiple viewing for the new place.

Not only did the two of you assisted with the sourcing of units based on our needs, but you have also helped with the viewing schedule and provided impactful pointers and feedbacks which makes choosing our new dream home much easier. Both of you even went out of the way to also helped us source for the best available law firm and even to the extent to help us with the renovation and many miscellaneous things (e.g. swapping of utilities, early completion, planning on the shifting process from the current to the new place, etc.).

All the services provided have helped our family sell and buy the house with ease despite us not having any experience in such matters and we could never have imagined going through this with any other agents. Truly grateful to not only meeting you two as our agents but also as friends who is always passionately providing only the best for us. We will always remember the only agent we will ever share with our family and friends should there be any looking for one will definitely the Awesome Lawrence and Sok Hoon :)

Steven Sunaryo

I am so thankful to have Lawrence as my agent, and of coz not forgetting his tag team partner Sok Hoon too. I am happy to finally have my flat sold and looking forward to moving into my resale flat.

Lawrence is meticulous in searching for potential buyers and always makes the effort to come down earlier before viewings to ensure my flat is nicely arranged (Unlike my previous agent, who never is around when needed). Finally after numerous viewings, we finally sold the flat off at a price well above what we expected! Next was the rush to look for a resale flat for my new family. Lawrence and Sok Hoon really took the time and effort to look for suitable units according to my preference and arrange for viewings. As my case is a little special, we needed to look for a flat with move in condition and no extensions needed. After countless viewings, they finally found a unit that i was looking for! Both Lawrence and Sok Hoon are so patient and knowledgeable, giving me the advice and information i needed before i made an offer for the unit. I deeply appreciate the time and effort spent on making my selling and buying journey a stress free and enjoyable one. Well done Team Awesome!

Jeremy Lee


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